Goodbye George Hello Barak! An open letter.

First George,
As your knuckles scrape along the dusty road back to your Texan ranch think on this:
How do you imagine history, that establishment whore, shall judge you? Even you with all the wealth of Croesus provided by daddy will, I fear, be judged harshly.
First off, it was a bad start, pinching the election off poor Al Gore by getting your good bro Jeb to make all those poor Florida black folk's votes just disappear like that. It was a hell of a coup for the Bush/Cheney/Rove/Rumsfeld junta. Of course you were supported by a right wing supreme court as morally corrupt as any in history and by a fundamentalist Christian Right revitalised with Clinton's scalp and outraged by the very idea of a president having his cigar sucked by a pretty young intern.
A lot of people think you're an idiot. Your simian-like features didn't help but hey, they say Socrates was ugly as a horse's ass and it didn't do him any harm. It was more your infamous Bushisms-'My fellow Cameroonians' etc.

Have a lovely break anyway. I expect to see you soon. What? Where George? Oh at the Hague where you'll be appearing with your junta and your butler Tony B to answer for your crimes against humanity. Enjoy your freedom while you can-if there's any justice in this world you're going down you sonafabitch.

Anyway Barak Hi,
Following in the pawprints of the crappiest president in history it's hard to imagine how you could do any worse! On the other hand it means you inherit a system that's broke. Against that you have the people with you. The burden of expectations you carry are immense, beyond being achievable in fact. You seem a compassionate, intelligent and insightful man. I get the feeling you'll do well as long as you remember to look after your family and keep trusted but irreverent advisors near who can prick the inevitable bubble of your self-importance. Good luck! You're going to need it!

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