More disturbing evidence of strange goings-on at the vatican :)>

Papa's a mankini fan horror!

More disturbing evidence of strange goings-on in the vatican :)>

The pope is a mankini fan-horror!




Biking Without Borders
Mac, Field Editor
Monday, March 29, 2010
I know I’m not alone when saying one of my pet peeves is seeing people talking on their cell phones, or fiddling with their handhelds, while multi-tasking at something really important -- like, say, operating a motor vehicle. Nothing terrifies me more when I’m bicycling down the road than the thought of someone barreling up behind me at the wheel of a ton of steel who’s arguing with his girlfriend over the phone, or tweeting her friends about the amazing herd of deer she just saw.

That's why it made me happy last week to learn that Click and Clack, the hilarious Tappet Brothers -- aka the Car Talk boys, Tom and Ray Magliozzi -- have teamed up with researchers at the University of Utah to launch the Driver Distraction Center at the Car Talk website.

“Though Tom and Ray have been speaking out about distracted driving for years, National Safety Council research indicates that cell phone use and texting while driving cause at least 28 percent of all traffic accidents -- around 1.6 million accidents each year,” says this Newswise story. “This startling statistic moved the brothers to redouble their efforts and partner with the University of Utah Applied Cognition Laboratory to produce the online Driver Distraction Center.”

Similarly, I don’t think cyclists should talk on cell phones while they’re riding, either. So imagine the roller coaster ride it sent me on when, shortly after reading about Click and Clack, I ran across information about a product called the ActiveBLU Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Headset. According to this website, the gadget “provides high quality Bluetooth wireless audio transmissions from the user’s Bluetooth enabled cell phone to their helmet. It easily attaches to any helmet and allows the user to quickly and safely answer or place calls without having to slow down or stop riding. The unique engineering of the microphone and ear piece delivers remarkable sound even at riding speeds of up to 40 MPH while allowing both hands to remain on the bike for maximum safety.” The italics are mine.


I have to say I agree completely.  Yesterday a passenger in a VW Golf stuck his rather porcine face out of the window as they roared past and screamed at me.  These prats are everywhere!


The Magick of We.


The narcissistic frenzy of the cock,
whirling in the dust of his own strut.
There’s never been a cock that didn’t crow and I
am no exception but at least I’ve known
a moment, when I seemed to disappear,
swimming in the pools of her dark eyes:
Slate-smoked and soft as new baked bread.

To be called so fierce to heart’s account.
To breathe ‘I love’ and ‘I am loved’;
cradled in the amber of a dream.
Those words of Raymond Carver sing like steel:
‘To be so loved upon the earth: That
is what we seek.’  And maybe why
sometimes, the flailing grasp exceeds the reach.



Alleged followers of the gentle Nazarene turn out to be women-haters and paeodophiles shocker.

Ex-Hitler youth member Herr Ratzinger calms the nervously jostling throng of black robed followers at the recent child sex abusers convention in the Vatican, one of the few countries to have signed the Convention for the Protection of Paedophiles. (CPP).  (This may be because they constitute most of its population.)
"Worry not my children." He says..."We have the money to buy their silence.  We have the power to provoke their fear.  I will write a letter, and all will be well.  Even in Ireland where that fool Brady has disclosed the true nature of our evil and the thousands of children whose lives we have ruined, even there my letter will be like oil upon the stormy sea.  Stick with me my children, and once more they will be at our mercy and we shall be the wolves feasting upon the lambs as we have so feasted for two thousand years.  Hahahahahahaheeeeeeyyyeeeeeee."  (Dr Evil type laughter ensues.)
Thus the ever strange nature of colliding reality.  Have you never noticed the obsession of the priesthood with blood of all kinds?  Like 'this is my blood' etc...etc  'drink this in remembrance of me.'
Yes...'True Blood' resonances abound.  The constant references to blood, the fixation with torture, the strange black robes and knotted girdles?  That's right, vampires are running the vatican.  Lock up your children.  Ditch those crucifixes and pray.  What?  To whom?  Well these are the guys who turned it upside down and Lucifer means 'Light-bringer.'  Who ya gonna call?


New Major Publishing Event!

Well, not really.  It's just that my poetry collection-'The Book of Three Rings' will be published here first over the next few months.  And that's it really...No there's nothing more.  Just that I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading.


Ben Dougan hits India. From Ben's Blog


Birthday, and last day off before I start shooting for the Bollywood film again!

It's my birthday! 20th birthday and the start was special. Headed down to the Gateway of India this morning to watch the sunrise, what a way to celebrate! Hmmmm... What to do today? Was seriously hawked and gawked at today trying to find a hotel to stay in. If you are looking for a hostel/ hotel in Mumbai, Colaba is where most tourists 'hang out' and Salvation Army is a good place to stay. Anyway, 20 is going to be a good year... A lot will happen... Anyways I'm heading out of Mumbai next week I've decided. It's quite expensive (incredibly cheap compared to UK) but I am on such a tight budget. Also I want to get out of this amazing, incredible, breath-taking, but unbelievably crowded city. But I will return later on in my trip I think. I'm headed down to Trivandrum in Kerala by train and gonna go for sleeper class, I think ticket is around 500Rs which is 7.20 (approx) for a 20 hour train journey. How much would a 20 hour train journey cost in the UK? London from where I live Lancaster is around 50 pounds if you book on the train and it take 3 hours to get there, so say that rate for a 20 hour journey in the UK would be around 300-350 pounds! But you can't get a train for 20 hours in the UK - thank God...
Thanks for reading and I'll be blogging again in a week or so. Just started and trying to get my head around this blogspot.
Thanks again x

India Trip - Mumbai

Dear Readers,
This is my first blog for my travels whilst 'on the road', and basically I've set it up to help other people who intend to travel and want to gain a bit of knowledge where to go, for family and friends to keep up with me on my travels and for the person where adventure and ambition is in there heart. This is for you. Firstly, where to start... I feel that travelling, adventuring and helping less privileged people than myself has always been within me. I recall my mum and dad saying that as soon as I could walk, I was off and there was no stopping me. I'm 19, 20 tomorrow, and I'm in the first proper trip of my life, discovering India, Cambodia, Thailand, Maylaysia and Singapore. I started my travels really going to Cape Town in South Africa to volunteer in a children's orphanage called Masigcine, in a township named Mfuleni, in October 2009. I was in Cape Town for a month. The experiences I got from there were invaluable, and I will never forget the place, the kids and the people. From this I wanted to see more of the places that are totally different to that of the UK. I thought, India... And here I am. In a youth hostel composing my blog. It's an unbelievable incredible place. Crowded, dirty, crazy roads and poverty, lot's of it. But I love it. I've only been here 4 days so I can't really say I love it yet, but right now, at this moment, I love it. Carrying my bag into the hostel I was instantly approached by a Bollywood extra scout and found myself on the first day working on a Bollywood film set, in a CIA or MI5 type-room, pushing tollies and carrying evidence boxes around all day. By midday I was offered a job til this coming Tuesday, which I immediately took. It's paid work, 500Rs per day, but the hours are long 7.45am - 11 pm and even though you don't do much it is pretty tiring, but on the plus side the food in fucking good. The people who do extra work also are in the boat so everyone gets along well. An extra, who is from Mumbai said "In India, if you are working hard, they will make you work harder..." and that seems to be the working ethic here. Also, I want to become an Actor, actually now I suppose I am an Actor, so this experience is fantastic for me. I auditioned at all the top Drama Schools in the UK last year. I did well, but was fortunately unsuccessful. I say fortunately beacuse if I would've got in, I would not have had the expereinces to call upon and inject into roles from even the experiences and sights I have now. Anyways time is running out on computer so need to wrap up.
Thanks for reading and anything e-mail me. I'll be blogging again soon.
Ben x