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PAINT YOUR ART OUT!     two spaces left ...
painting by Caroline Steven
Paint Your Art Out workshop March 2011


Dear Everyone


for those of you who have been putting off putting paint to paper, exploring your creativity, or feel blocked in some way, this is to let you know that there are two spaces left on my next Paint Your Art Out workshop day on Sunday 20 November 2011 (10.00am – 4.30pm) in Muswell Hill, North London.


Just imagine having a day in a space with a small group where you feel safe and supported and free to express yourself. And imagine experiencing yourself becoming comfortably relaxed through hearing soothing music and gentle meditative words.  See yourself discovering whole new things about yourself.  Our theme this time is Painting Mandalas.  Mandalas (circular shapes) are symbols of both infinity and containment and provide a wonderful way into self exploration.  You do not need any artistic talent - just a desire to be open, explore, play, discover, develop, heal and learn.



  Recent feedback from participants:

"I liked the friendliness, and I enjoyed the new freedom I felt when I put brush to paper.

"Great fun, great depth"  "Brilliant, accessible and informative ... helped me be freer"

 "It was a spiritual experience for me; it has given me a release and a sense of optimism, wonder, anticipation, energy ..."  "This workshop feeds the soul."



Full details are on the attached flier.


all good wishes,



Delcia McNeil, CQSW, BA(hons), ITEC, DipTH, UKCP

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A swirling sword flailing in your hand
like a true warrior my son! That day
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