22 Minutes – Fostering Network

22 Minutes – Fostering Network


A Petrarchan Sonnet on Electoral Apathy-Practice Sessions using abbaabbacdecde

The queues on polling days are shrinking fast.
And "voting's just a boring waste of time"
shout drug-addled youths, intent on crime.
We ask who shall be first and who last.
And who should care, and how, and why, and what?
The voters are all full of Yeat's despair,
their faces set against, their noses in the air.
The few who care drop votes into the slot.
But then I look at Cameron and Clegg!
Their motley crew throwing bread rolls in 'The House.'
Choked with self-entitlement I'd say.
A question starts to form inside my head.
When the choice is cockroach or louse,
the wisest choice might be to stay away!


Cardinal Sean Brady has aided and abetted the torture and rape of hundreds, possibly thousands of children. So how is he still Primate of All Ireland?

This priest is said to be a good man. Yet he repeatedly failed to disclose to parents or the police his knowledge that innocent children were being abused by the monster-priest Brendan Smyth. Does he therefore belong in a Cardinal's palace? Should any followers of the gentle Nazarene live in palaces? Yet another disclosure that reveals the Catholic Church as a haven for paedophiles, bigots, the sexually dysfunctional and the dead-at-heart. The enemy of life and hope! How long can this organisation be tolerated?
Am I saying that Catholics should be burned at stakes?  No, far from it.  I am saying that their temporal organisation is corrupt at it's heart. It is organised along medieval methods and systems.  It is corrupted at it's centre.  But most of all, it is scared of the Feminine-of the magical, scary, wondrous, sexy, moon-cycled, bitchy, relate-focused, boob-juggling women that, sadly for them, in their dusty robes, constitute 50% of the species.  It's a goddamm bitch.  But...Who you gonna call?  Cardinal-Resign with at least a modicum of honour man!