A Petrarchan Sonnet on Electoral Apathy-Practice Sessions using abbaabbacdecde

The queues on polling days are shrinking fast.
And "voting's just a boring waste of time"
shout drug-addled youths, intent on crime.
We ask who shall be first and who last.
And who should care, and how, and why, and what?
The voters are all full of Yeat's despair,
their faces set against, their noses in the air.
The few who care drop votes into the slot.
But then I look at Cameron and Clegg!
Their motley crew throwing bread rolls in 'The House.'
Choked with self-entitlement I'd say.
A question starts to form inside my head.
When the choice is cockroach or louse,
the wisest choice might be to stay away!


  1. You must be weird!

    1. Indeed, and you must be stupid. But in the morning when I awaken and go to work I shall be normal but you! You shall still be stupid!