Some predictions on 2016 from John MIchael Greer

Strange that one of the most sophisticated and thoughtful commentators on the transition out of fossil fueled industrialised society should be the American Archdruid but there you go...His predictions are fascinating and worth some thought;
The explosion of the fracking bubble
The election of Donald Trump as Republican candidate
The flattening of the American economic recovery
The extinction of the Saudi State and its replacement by warlord chaos...
The explosion of the wildly overvalued tech bubble
The continued fracturing of American society into extremes
Business as usual in terms of the long descent into the post industrial state for which preparation has been non-existent
It's a scary read!




As previously mentioned, The New York Times Book Review chose Magda Szab├│'sThe Door (NYRB Classics), as one of the NYTBR's "10 Best Books of 2015."

Alexander McCall Smith chose Edward Mendelson's Moral Agents (New York Review Books) as one of The Guardian's "Best Books of the Year" for 2015.

Nicholas Lezard chose Victor Serge's Midnight in the Century as one of his "Best Paperbacks of 2015" in The Guardian.

Renata Adler's After the Tall Timber was longlisted for the PEN/Diamonstein-Spielvogel Award for the Art of the Essay, as announced by Lit Hub.

Sakutar┼Ź Hagiwara's Cat Town (NYRB Poets), Renata Adler's After the Tall Timber(New York Review Books), and Sasha Sokolov's A School for Fools (NYRB Classics) were all selected for Flavorwire's "50 Best Independent Press Books of 2015."

Elissa Gabbert, contributing editor at Open Letters Monthly, chose Antal Szerb'sJourney by Moonlight for the OLM 2015 reading round-up.

The House of Twenty Thousand Books was recently featured in The New Yorker's"Briefly Noted" column.

I'm surprisingly really enjoying 'Don't shoot the dog' by Karen Pryor.  Not only great for getting down and dirty with your puppy but a brilliant intro to behaviourism.

I'm getting on with 'Congo  The Epic History of a People' by David Van Reybrouck-it's a big book!

The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius is a continually amazing book as is Seneca 'On the shortness of life'.

The Essays of Montaigne remains one of my most inspirational reads.

'On dolls' edited by Kenneth Gross is charming.

My own writing seems to have nose dived and is something to explore this coming year.

The Tim Ferris Podcast and his '4 Hour Body' have been great for inspiration.  The Adventure Motorcycle Podcast is totally brilliant as is 'Radical Acceptance' and guided mediations by Tara Brach-highly recommended!


Happy Christmas and a Transformational New Year!

A very happy Yule and a massively healthy and transformational 2016 to all my readers and their loved ones