Orgasm in 61 lines


Last night when I

licked the wet walls

of your mouth’s cave,

nibbled the sweet

shells of your ears,

palpated the soft creamy

down of you,

and slipped inside you

between your peaches…

I became a secret cannon.

A huge tube of steel!

Cunning symbols wrought thereon.

My swelling balls

the spherical wheels.

And I discharged from

the mountaintop to

the great all-encompassing

lake beneath.

Became the cannonball

then a pinball

rushing through tubes,

mazes and passageways.

Then with a great spurt

of red fire gushed

fire-workingly through your head

with a shout! Aieeee!

And you breathed:

‘I’m coming! I’m coming!’

Me, I hurtled through air

still rising!

Till, reaching the zenith

of my whirling arc;

I plunged,

fell with grace,

disappeared o’er

the crested ridge

and landed with a thud

in a field of disinterested cows.

The ball I was flattened

on the sweet earth,

its grey skin merged

into hands, eyes, legs.

On the faint breeze

wafting from the next valley

I heard your voice,

laden with urgency,

uttering the words of life:


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