Some lies are worse than others

Indeed a lie is a lie is a lie.  But some lies change the very substance of how we see the world and all that is in it.  Some lies corrode our sense of hope, lessen our courage and destroy optimism.  Some lies darken the world for us.  What is the vilest lie?  Is it political?  In 'The Republic', Plato even encourages the guardians to lie to the people as a means of control, likewise Machiavelli for whom a lie is simply another instrument of power and control for the effective prince.  Or is it to say 'I love you' and not to mean it?  Or to say I am your friend while sliding the stilletto into the ribs smilingly?


 The vilest lie has wormed its wicked way
 into the very heart of me and mine,
and nests there breeding poison in my veins.
My high, thick walls and ramparts fell apart as
in the demon stormed and ate me tea.
I do wish we could trap the bloody thing,
confine it in some stinking foetid hole
to meditate upon it’s ruthless crimes.
Will we wait here for redeeming signs?
Some indication of a deeply-felt regret?
I say we let it rot here by the shore!
The waves can wash away it’s many sins!
For it has plagued me with the foulest dream:
That life is just a dream, and nothing more.

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