First, there is the forgetting.
This allows the unfolding, the fracturing
to begin.
This forgetting that you love,
forgetting of the joy and bliss,
forgetting of life’s very precious pulse.
What is this forgetting that is everywhere?
That covers the buildings
and the waters
to the farthest stretch?
Has the Snow Queen returned
to curse us with Heart’s ice?
Then there is betrayal.
That moment of impeccable choice.
Go this way or go that way.
Follow the green man
or the beckoning finger.
Tunnel or rockface.
Path or stream.
That faint sound of voices 
murmuring on the wind
or the clamour of the marketplace.
Choices in the vital moment,
choices that return with vengeance
 of wounds and loss
on the morrow’s breaking.
Spawns deceit it does,
births a hideous monster
suckling on your soul’s dugs.
Drawing you into circles.
Making you into other shapes too.
And then...
Cup breaks,
breathless in foundation
you are plucked/cursed/hidebound.
In a fucking instant
you become newly defined.
A new gestalt
out of which you totter
Lurching out of Plato’s piss-washed cave
blinking like a reptile on a stage
that something a shadow makes.
You have only one cloak to wear today,
let it be a cloak of ashes
to hide your naked despair.
Hide such nakedness from the villagers.
Begone then!
Return when you are healed.
We good folk cannot stand your endless tears.
You follow the soiled track
to re-membrance
Re-member.  Re-gain.  Re-turn.
But too late, poor lost child.
All is lost,
it is too late.
All the other fools have left
and there is none so piteous as 
the single fool,
a brightless and despairing fool.
There is little so affronting to our eyes.
We do not like this cracked mirror.
We hate it!
Acceptance spins your cloak of 
ashes into wool.
It shall protect you from the cold wind.
Gather it about you and set your face 
to the West.
Be your destiny and
accept it all into your heart.
What was hollow is now solid.
What was empty is now full,
of pain but also of purpose.
Acceptance is the gift
you give yourself in life,
the rope on which you climb
sweet dreamer.
Accept it all into your heart.
Let go into it!
Let go!
Just let go!
And so...spinning in that web
that holds us all.
A sudden realised thought
sparks out of the void.
Forgive everything!
Find forgiveness and dive into it.
It is understanding.
It is wisdom.
It is the hero’s way.
The transmutations of alchemy are it.
The soul’s truth is it.
It is the only path
out of this dark wood Lightbringer!
So let your light shine
and yield to this well-wyrded fortune.
Follow the strings of runes
To her fabulous eyes
That ever changing glyph,
hazel and blue of
hazel and blue.
Fall upon your sword each day.
Be carried home at evensong
upon your shield.
Children’s tears shall wet your wounds
and even the harsh Gods
will wonder at such pain.
The blood itself will cry out of these caves.
Even the good folk will wonder:
Some will say, forget.
Some will say, re-member.
Lost Lightbringer, they will say,

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