Most popular post on my blog? I could hardly believe it!

Now I really understand the kind of community that read this blog.  The most popular post is about...A CHAIR!  Mind you it's a very nice, intelligent sort of chair, but it's still A CHAIR!  Oh wreaths of laurel for heroes...why will you never adorn my puckered brow?  My readers are chair lovers.  They spend hours lusting over office catalogues.  They're not so much armchair readers as desk chair experts.  I imagine they have pictures of office furniture on their walls, they have lots of scandinavian pine round the house, possibly a small fjord in the garden designed on apple laptops to resemble a mini-mountainous norwegian backdrop.  They shop by dutch road bicycle and yes...oh my God...in the front wicker basket...Yes!  It's one of those cavernous blue Ikea bags.  Save us O Pan!
Ok you've asked for it...you want it...so here goes...Feast your greedy eyes oh my children!
Seriously though, a good chair is an essential world domination tool.  If you want to do more than drool you can buy one of these little suckers here; be warned, they're not cheap!  http://www.officechairsuk.com/create-your-own-humanscale-liberty-chair.html

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