The Art of Balance-BODY

This rather wonderful book came into my life when reading the impossibly productive Neil Gaiman's blog. Basically the message is: You exercise 6 days a week, at least two of the days are strength based training, you also need to cycle, ski, swim, run, hike, row etc. Do the time and you can live well into your 70's and 80's. You cut crap out of your diet and eat well. You watch your alcohol intake and you do not smoke. You need a heart rate monitor and you need to exercise in the three heart zones. You make a commitment to your relationships including with yourself. You have a disciplined spiritual and intellectual practice. You have a creative life. I'm also really enjoying Stephen Covey's '8th Habit' on audio at the moment and he spends a lot of time confirming how this physical training works for him. A lot of this is common sense but rarely applied to the training of ontological tantra wizards, spiral poets, necromancers, dragon riders or surfers on the breaking waves of extreme Cabalistic theory. Imagine if Magickal Lodges were run like supercharged companies on the very best principles of integral theory! Imagine if our families followed these principles! And our schools! And our lousy, shit-brained governments! And our dentists! Wow!

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