Saturday Poem: Bodhisattva Girl Binding Blues


The liminal spaces of the dusk and dawn
revealed her naked in her grace and power.
She was revealed to be a pure white swan;
then kissed me like a perfect alien.

That bodhisattva girl! She was the drum that
beat the measures of my fractured heart.
The cracks and fractures of those endless beats
 drained out the dirt from all my darkest dreams.

Precious as health and wise as moonlit woods
down she dove as deep as Langdale Tarn.
By lonely lakes practisingTai-Chi
till watching stars threw down silver spears.

Then they watched her wave her silver strings,
and bind me with them, to a burning wheel.

1 comment:

  1. And with them bind me to a burning wheel.

    Sounds better for a last line? I like it but it is a bit self-pitying bro.