Maria Caulfield's response to my concerns about TTIP?-VOTE TO LEAVE EUROPEAN UNION!!!

CAULFIELD, Maria maria.caulfield.mp@parliament.uk

20 May (2 days ago)
to me
Dear Anthony,

Thank you for contacting me about TTIP. I know this issue has caused much concern for a number of constituents over the past few years.

As you may be aware, the trade deal is being negotiated by the European Union, leaving Parliament without any say or influence in the negotiations. This is one of the key reasons why on June 23 I will be voting to leave the EU and reclaim the sovereignty of Westminster to negotiate our trade deals.

My chief concern, which I share with many, is the potential impact that TTIP could have on the NHS. It is for this reason I will be considering the amendment on Wednesday, and likely to support it, ensuring that any decisions regarding the future of the NHS remain in Westminster.

However, this amendment will not stop TTIP outright as Parliament does not have a veto on this matter. The main way to stop TTIP from taking effect is to vote leave next month.

I hope this information is helpful and please do keep in contact.

Best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Caulfield MP
Member of Parliament for Lewes

House of Commons

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