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Gosh I just came across this! Something like a dance with a beautiful but essentially corrupted Spirit. Something about 'the heart of darkness.'I designed the Private and Public law Services for The Channel Isles but when the Bailiff of Jersey read this blog he ordered his minions to withdraw a job offer they had made to me. I have a lot to thank him for! Where the hell do they get these people from? It was a great project but a bit like being an extra in The Wicker Man!

New law will be for the children

Monday 19th May 2008, 1:00PM BST.
0579790.jpgHead of Safeguarder Services Tony Dougan at the opening of its Rue du Manoir offices. (Picture by Adrian Miller, 0579790)
CHILDREN will be better represented thanks to new services being introduced in Guernsey.
Safeguarder Services, which is States funded, has been set up to represent the interests of children and young people in public and private legal proceedings under The Children (Guernsey and Alderney) Law, 2008, and to provide an advisory service to the courts.
It will also offer conciliation and mediation to people involved in family law proceedings. The man heading the service, Tony Dougan, said the law would officially be enacted in October 2009 but the services were now available to those seeking help.
‘The law will actually reflect the realities of modern-day family life, such as divorce and the impact it has on the children involved.’  He said laws that protect or affect children date back to the 1930s. The new one brings Guernsey into line with the UK’s Protection of Children Act 1999.

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