To the brave men and women and the child-martyrs of Syria-A Poem

A Poem I gift to the brave people of Syria, murdered by cowardly swine and corrupt dogs.  May your oppressors soon be cast into the pit as I pray they will.  And may the Prophet, blessed be his name, cast his nets of protection over your children.  Here is my own Song of Resistance as a small thing to honour your great hearts.


I will not be cast down!
Oppressed or overwhelmed
by all this tragedy.
I will not lose my light
in this cold cold wind.
I need my light to see by.

I’ll not be screwed by fear
into a knuckle,
hard and dense with doubt.
I will not lose my heart
in this sea of swirl and trouble:
I need my heart to love with.

I will not an unbeliever be,
amid these spirals of divinity.
Nor fear the heart of darkness.
I will not lose my sense of Self
at these gates of transformation.
I need my Self to live in.

Bashar al Assad
Wanted for crimes against humanity

You'll be getting yours very soon buddy!  And when you do, I wouldn't want to be in your blood-drenched shoes!

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