Millican Dalton (1867-1947)


Millican Dalton (1867-1947) - a man ahead of his time
vegetarian, pacifist, eccentric, troglodyte, mountain guide, insurance clerk
Forsaking his job as a London insurance clerk, Millican Dalton dropped out long before it became fashionable or even acceptable.

He lived under canvas, in a cave or in his woodland hut for the most part of his life. He styled himself ‘Professor of Adventure’ and offered ‘Camping Holidays, Mountain rapid shooting, Rafting and Hair's breadth escapes.’

Primarily remembered for his eccentric asceticism, Millican Dalton was a man who had the courage to follow his dreams and to live by his convictions. Dissatisfied with the life dealt him, he created his own.

He had a disdain for modern urban materialism, rejecting it in favour of a life of stoic simplicity. Millican Dalton lived a life at one with nature - growing his own food and sewing his own clothes. He was a teetotaler, a vegetarian, a socialist and a staunch pacifist.

Many people have considered walking out of the office and chucking it all in for a life of simplicity. Millican Dalton lived that dream.
“Don't waste words
Jump to conclusions”
Millican Dalton

“You can't feel lonely
with nature as your companion”

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