Sonnet for Samuel

SONNET FOR SAMUEL  February 2005

You came today full-formed; all gear well made.
The hands upon you first were Little Jo’s,
she kindly whispered ‘welcome to the world.’
Birthed in warm bath water, aquarian babe.
Eight pounds nine when they have had you weighed!
At 2.05pm you so bravely burst your bonds.
    From the waters to sing your own life’s songs.
‘L’Enfance du Christ’ played as I cut the cord.
I stare at the swirl of you, awash with tears.
Your tiny hands conduct the music of the spheres.
The spirit of a tiger lies beneath that breast
on which you lie and then begin to feed.
From me you’ll get a heart wild as the wolf’s howl.
From her-beauty, and all the guts you’ll ever need.

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